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Game of Thrones House Stark Tankard
Game of Thrones House Stark Tankard
Game of Thrones House Stark Tankard

Game of Thrones House Stark Tankard

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In the north of Westeros, the Stark family rules from Winterfell. They might not go around saying "Winter is Coming" to their gigantic wolves every day, but they hold the fort in the North, quite simple. Now, you too can show your loyalty with the house of Stark and toast with an exclusive Game of Thrones wineglass!

Both the tankard and the wine glass are decorated with the house of Stark's motto and coat of arms, and feature frosty icicles that hang down from the edge. The Game of Thrones tankard handle is ornately decorated with a wolf head biting a dragon's tail, and the cup of the wine glass is decorated with matching wolf heads. They are made of synthetic resin and then painted by hand. Both the much and the wine glass have stainless steel inner cups that are removable and can be wash in the dishwasher - those loyal to the king of the North naturally do not need to wash their tableware by hand!

The Game of Thrones tankard and wine glass are sold separately. This is the ultimate gift for any GoT fan thirsting to propose a toast for Arya, Sansa or Jon Snow!


Details about your Game of Thrones Tankard – House Stark

  • Drink the the house of Stark in this exclusive Game of Thrones beer tankard!
  • Decorated with Stark's coat of arms and motto “Winter is Coming”
  • Officially licenced product
  • Perfect present for all thirsty Game of Thrones fans!
  • Hand-painted, detailed design
  • Inner cup made of stainless steel that is removable and can be washed in the dishwasher
  • The outer part of the tankard is made of synthetic resin and is not washed, rather it is wiped clean with a slightly damp cloth
  • Material: synthetic resin and stainless steel
  • Holds approximately 620 ml
  • Measures: 16 cm high, 10 cm in diameter
  • Weight: approximately 800 grams